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Marvin and June Stowell, along with friends, family and neighbors, began their food service business in the Activity Center at the Walworth County Fair in 1964. 

Their first catered dinner was the Walworth County Holstein Association's annual banquet on November 3, 1971.

Word of mouth passed along news of Marvin and June's 

good food at a fair price. By 1975, it was time to move out of their home kitchen and build a commercial kitchen. The catering kitchen was built on the property in 1975, and expanded in 1989 to its present size.

Today, Marvin and June's granddaughter, Brenda, along with her parents, Bonnie and Jim, operate the business.

Stowell's caters many weddings, company events, banquets and gatherings of all kinds each year, and of course, still operates the stand at the Walworth County Fair. 

Please call or email today to discuss your special event.

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